CEO/Founder MIPS Timining Systems, LLC.

Ken Lucas and I worked together for over 10 years in a high-tech, services industry. Ken was initially in Pre- Sales, and while there, he showed his ability to successfully sell high-tech products. So, we moved him into sales where his professional career began to develop. I was Ken's manager during our tenure together and helped him develop his sales and business skills. Soon, he was promoted to Branch Manager of 16 sales and sales support specialists. While there, Ken earned a Manager of the Year award out of 30 plus US offices. After 5 years, he was promoted to Regional Manager and earned Regional Manager of the Year here also. Ken was ultimately promoted to Regional Vice President of Sales. He was one of the best in evaluating, recruiting, and training high-potential sales reps and taking then to their full potential. Of course, this was accomplished in a very competitive market. I would highly recommend Ken Lucas as an outstanding team builder and business professional.

Executive Vice President Intergraph Corporation

At the request of Ken Lucas, Houston Sales Manager, of a Computer Services company, I relocated from Kansas City to Houston to start my career as a professional Sales Representative. My former position was in Finance supporting his Region, so sales was an objective but also new to me. I had the desire to succeed, but also had a great teacher in Ken Lucas. Over a period of three years I was promoted to Senior Sales Representative and during this time was ranked #2 out of 150 National Sales Reps across the US. After three years I joined Intergraph Corporation and advanced as a sales leader.
Today I'm an Executive Vice President at Intergraph Corporation responsible for Global Customers. It all started in the Houston office where Ken Lucas was the Sales Manager and the door of opportunity was opened to me.

Senior Vice President Intergraph Corporation

Ken Lucas and I worked together in Houston at a high profile Energy Consulting Services company where Ken was the Sales Manager and I was in a Technical Support role. Later ken joined an International Software company and he soon hired me to join his team in a Pre -Sales role. We worked as a team together and closed the largest software license agreement in North America; a first for this company during our tenure. With successful sales experience I was well positioned to join Intergraph Corporation in a sales role and take another step upwards in my career. I eventually relocated to their Corporate Headquarters, worked internationally and was promoted to Senior Vice President. An integral part of my professional growth and advancement started with my training with Ken Lucas.

Business Owner/Investor

Ken Lucas was VP of Sales & Marketing of an International software/services company when I first met him. My background was in engineering services. Ken was in the process of building a top producing sales team and hired me to focus on the North East US. He saw the potential in me and I was very successful in this role. Since that initial opportunity, I have held prominent sales focused positions with IBM, Accenture, KPMG and SAP. I would strongly recommend Ken Lucas as a highly experienced professional in building and training sales and service teams.

President and Senior Consultant Control Services Corp

Ken, I have never forgotten you and never will. I've always said you were the best boss I ever had. I learned so much from you and so did everyone who worked with you. Years later I am still impressed at how you were able to tell me I was doing wrong but in a way I felt as constructive and positive. You have a special talent for people.
I'm glad to see you are still in the people business, putting together teams. I've been self-employed now for four years, very busy, and loving it. I still use today many of the sales principles you taught me early in my career. Although the product I'm selling as a consultant is a technical engineering service, I'm really selling myself and building a worthy relationship with another person. Thank you for the time you gave me years ago to learn from the master. I'm not alone. There are many former team members that learned from you and the list is still growing.