Business Approach
PSG2000 is in the business of increasing the productivity and profitability of our clients. We accomplish this by assisting clients in acquiring and training their most important asset - people. PSG2000 focuses on developing exceptional professionals, "Peak Performers" that understand the importance of completing projects on time and reaching sales goals. These are the individuals who make the biggest difference in their company's growth and prosperity.

How many of us after attending many classroom training sessions on how to fly a Jet Plane would step up into the cockpit and take the controls without first flying with a "Top Gun" Training Pilot. Not many! In the world of sales we all need a Mentor to help us reach our "Top Gun" status and help us reach our next level.

This is what we do at PSG2000.

How does this work?

Often a company's sales team is lagging in sales performance and not making quotas. Perhaps the Sales management position is vacant or open for recruitment; but sales still must go on. At PSG2000, we will open a Consulting Engagement with the client company and immediately engage in a pro-active program to take the reins of the sales team and drive the team to produce results in the shortest possible time.

  1. Meet with client company management team to understand current status and objectives.
  2. Meet with current sales team as a group and listen and gather their input.
  3. Develop a strategy to build or accelerate sales successes and begin implementation.
  4. One on One meeting with sales team, gain rapport and evaluate skills.
  5. Begin process of working the plan, in the field sales calls and follow up.
  6. Feedback to executive management.
  7. Team office meeting for team territory report status.
  8. Strategy adjustments and fine tuning sales efforts.
  9. Additional team meeting, role-play, and training session.
Initiate sales call programs and follow up.